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Pulp Molding - Industrial Pacific Pulp aims to deliver innovative, environmentally-friendly, sustainable, protective packaging solutions for the industrial market. Stackable and nestable molded fiber trays are ideal for a variety of lightweight industrial products, as they reduce shipping costs and are ideal for packaging protection. We have created molded pulp packaging solutions

Health & Beauty


Pulp Molding - Health & Beauty Consumers are heading towards green ways of doing things. This is why many manufacturers of health and beauty products are looking for eco-friendly ways of shipping their products. Our molded pulp packaging offers just that. With our innovative after-pressing technology, we are able to provide health and



Pulp Molding - Beverages Pacific Pulp offers molded pulp packaging for all types of beverages. Our molded pulp solution offers protection for your bottles in an environmentally and cost-effective way. Molded fiber's inherent resilience and bracing capabilities enable it to outperform most vacuum-formed plastics, expanded polystyrene, and corrugated designs. At Pacifi Pulp,

Medical & Scientific


Pulp Molding - Medical & Scientific Pacific Pulp’s 100% recycled pulp packaging is an excellent protective material for delicate items such as those in the medical and scientific industry. Depending on the requirements of the customer, molded pulp packaging can be customized to include shock-proof, oil-and-water resistant, and anti-static properties, making

Wine Shippers


Pulp Molding - Wine Shippers Our molded pulp wine shippers are made of recycled material and are ideal for the transportation of wine. They protect the wine from breakage during transport. Wine shippers are perfect for companies such as wine clubs, online retailers, beverage distributors, packaging distributors, and logistics companies. Additionally,

Candle Packs


Pulp Molding - Candle Packs Pacific Pulp’s candle packs are made of 100% recyclable material and are ideal for protecting jarred candles in shipping. Our molded fiber pulp trays offer high performance and are cost-effective compared to other types of products used for candle packaging. Each candle can fit snugly into a



Pulp Molding - Trays Molded pulp trays are perfect for products ranging from product parts to delicate fragiles. The compact design of our trays are designed to precisely fit your products, making it easy to fit many things in a compact space. This will allow you to save money on material.

End Caps


Pulp Molding - End Caps Pacific Pulp offers molded pulp end caps which are perfect for the shipping of products. They protect products from damage more efficiently than EPS foam. They are highly effective in providing shock and vibration resistance. They are nestable and stackable, which helps reduce storage costs. Our molded

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