Are your customers asking for a biodegradable fine finish package?

Thanks to the latest breakthroughs in molded fiber technology, Pacific Pulp Molding can now manufacture biodegradable molded fiber packaging with an attractive, consumer friendly, smooth texture!

Our Fine Finish packaging provides these specific advantages:

  • Biodegradable, replacing plastic packaging thereby reducing landfill waste.

  • Cost-competitive with similar packaging.

  • Up to 100% water holdout, or absorbent, or anywhere in between.

  • Attractive, retail quality texture.

  • Raw materials from traceable North American sources.

Example Products Include:

  • Phone

  • Phone Accessories

  • Beverage cups phone
  • Accessory trays

  • Cosmetic Products

  • Containers

  • Gaming controller
  • Online Retail Products

  • Essential Oil Trays

  • Headphone Trays & Cushions

The Fine Finish Technology

Our new Fine Finish technology is extremely versatile and was developed for the specific purpose of producing plastic-replacement molded fiber products that are 100% sustainable:


Molded Pulp manufacturing results in a smaller carbon footprint than competing products.

This revolutionary jump in technology is based on discoveries in the psychics of paper reflecting how certain processes change the way paper fibers interact with each other at the molecular level and how they disperse.

In short, this new technology makes possible a high quality, cost competitive, plastic-like packaging product that is also 100% environmentally friendly.

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