Molded Pulp can do most anything plastic or foam can do – but it’s GREEN!

Moulded Pulp by Pacific Pulp Molding is your optimum eco-friendly packaging solution. Our products are made exclusively from recycled newsprint, recycled cardboard and water. That’s it! No additives, no chemicals, no petroleum byproducts. When mixed together according to our “recipe” for your specific purposes, these three materials create a slurry which is then shaped, formed and dried. We then nest, stretchwrap, and stack your pulp parts onto pallets, ready for shipment.

Using only recycled newsprint, recycled cardboard and water gives a new life to the community’s surplus products, making moulded pulp a true “cradle-to-cradle” solution. (Cradle-to-cradle is a methodology whereby a product is designed to work more like a naturally occurring system. It replaces the traditional make-and-dispose practice which uses new raw materials extracted from the earth, and ends with long-remaining waste in a landfill.)

Whether you need a protective pack for your product, or you’re transporting household appliances, fragile consumer goods, glass containers – even eggs! – Pacific Pulp Molding will engineer a moulded pulp solution to your specifications.

Manufactured with 100% recycled materials

Recyclable, biodegradable, AND compostable

Unaffected by extremes in temperature

Reduces freight and shipping costs

Nestable and stackable, reducing storage costs as much as 75%

Cushions products weighing up to 35 lbs. to 60 Gs or lower

Minimizes labor costs: easy assembly and handling

After-Press available for higher finish retail applications

Lower cost than other protective packaging e.g. foam and thermoformed plastics

Price stability: minimal dependence on volatile price fluctuations of oil, gas and resins

Configurations: cushion, trays, end caps, top/bottom caps and specialty custom shapes.




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