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Bottle and Glass Shippers - At Pacific Pulp, we have been especially successful in providing molded fiber solutions for protecting and shipping glass consumer products. Whether you need custom designed geometry or stock packaging, we ensure transport safety and meet FedEx and UPS shipping standards. We’ve provided glass shipping solutions for a variety of applications including stand-up and lay-down wine shippers (1,2,3,4 and 6 bottle configurations), candle trays and nutritional supplement beverage shippers.

Custom Applications

      Precision Molded - Molded fiber is versatile and adaptable to many varied packaging applications within tightly controlled tolerances. Our design team begins with your dimensional and weight specifications and a CAD drawing of the product to be packaged, (or you send us a sample of the product itself,) to create a 3D SolidWorks drawing of your Molded Fiber packaging part. We then create a low cost prototype tool to make sample parts for your testing. Finally, on your approval, we make production tooling for your production runs.
Example custom applications of Molded Fiber packaging are:
Audio visual components Household appliances
Broadband routers and modems Medical/hospital devices
Endcaps, Clam Shells, Top and Bottom Caps Navigational devices
External hard drives Phone system components
Foam In Place replacement Set top boxes
Hardware (lock sets, faucet assemblies) Sound system components
      Fine Finish - Learn more here.

Stock Molded Fiber Packaging - If your application fits within one of the following categories, we can fulfill your Molded Fiber packaging requirements quickly and effectively, without the upfront costs of design and tooling:

Edge protectors
Corner protectors (windows, medicine cabinets, furniture)
Egg incubator trays
Candle shippers
Wine / Bottle shippers
Gator Eggs Box
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Single Bottle Shipper
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Standup 4-pack Bottle Shipper
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Set Top Box
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Toner Cartridge
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